Serveis de consultoria i altres especialitzacions

Consulting services

Logistics consulting and other complementary

The tasks can be  the audit logistics, supply chain analysis, tracking studies, analysis of logistic costs, feasibility studies for outsourcing activities, analysis and optimization preparation of orders, handling systems and existing storage, analysis, design, tendering and project management of new production facilities, new store design or development of technical specifications. The scope of tasks depends on the definition of the project to develop.

The services include:

Audit logistics

Evaluation of internal and external logistics of a client.

Analysis of the supply chain

Evaluation of the supply process that follows the client.

Studies traceability

Analysis of the process to ensure proper traceability of the product at all times.

Analysis of logistics costs

Inventory and improvement costs involved in the process.

Outsourcing of activities

Feasibility study for outsourcing business activities.

Optimizing internal and external processes

Analysis and optimization of order preparation, storage and handling existing systems.

Project management

Analysis, design, tendering and project management of new production facilities.

Warehouse design

Defining the optimal distribution of an existing or new store.

Additional services

LogSolutions can also collaborate with the client for other tasks like:

  • Design, development and implementation of industrial systems
  • Research and industrial logistics locations
  • Training in logistics
  • Description jobs
  • Recruitment specialist

  • Industrial delineation
  • Legalization
  • Management and control of projects
  • Systems approval, evaluation and selection of suppliers
  • Maintenance of automated industrial systems

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